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We are proud to announce the arrival of a revolutionary new concept in the realm of portable lock picks.

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Meet Swick, The World Most Versatile Pick. It features an ABS plastic body, twelve pick blades, unique spring locking mechanism, ability to store four standard size tension wrenches in its body, a secret storage area for shims, broken key extractors, etc and a magnet held flat torsion bar. This tool promises to be the most versatile folding lock pick ever made. Projected availability to the general public is March 2019.

I redesigned brand new picks for this tool as well as redesigning some older profiles to correct flaws that weakened the picks in certain high stress areas. We will also be releasing picks down the road that will be .015 thick and various blade profiles that will cater to everyone's unique picking style.

The pick-blades can be changed out in under one minute. It's a simple process of removing one screw, pushing out the retainer pin, replacing the pick(s) and reversing the procedure to complete the process.

I created the SWICK prototype after years of working as a lock smith and teaching lock picking across the country.

SWICK has launched as a Kickstarter campaign to fund the manufacturing of our patent pending design. By pledging on Kickstarter, you will get your SWICK before the general public.


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